Monday, August 31, 2009

Blue's arrival!!

I was quite delighted to receive tiny blue bear in the mail! As you can see, he is very comfortable in his new home (which is basically the same as my room in the poonanny...). Yes, it's true. I bought paint to match those beloved beige walls at the circus and spent a day transforming my old high school bedroom into the oasis I grew to love so much. It's not the same without sharing walls with kindred spirits, but it's enough to make me smile at the memory...
The first thing I had to do was introduce Blue to Joey, the newest addition to the Hoo family. Joey is a trouble maker...but we love him (even though he tried to eat Blue). He is a miniature Australian Shepard with a huge heart and a lot of energy.
Next, it was time for work at Legal Express. Blue was not a fan of the number of copies we have to make everyday...but he likes the sound of the machine.I taught him all about subpoena's and affidavit's...but he's just not interested. He thinks I should look for something more exciting...and I agree.
After work, it was time to wind down with an old Baylor friend. Leah drove down for some delicious margs at my new favorite Mexican Restaurant!!! We made some friends who also happened to be Baylor grad's and pretended we were at Elite on a fabulous margarita Monday...

I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful places Blue's friends will go!! Happy travels to you Sat as you begin your journey tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mandeville: part deux

Tiny Bear 2 arrived in Mandeville!
Just in time, too. She only has 2 days before she leaves for Kenya!

She spent the afternoon playing outside...
She visited the birdhouse...

Emma gave her a ride, too.

She's wondering what her other green-and-gold-loving teammates are up to...??

arrival: Mandeville.

One tiny bear has officially arrived in Mandeville, Louisiana.

His owner was shocked and ecstatic to meet him. Oh the places he'll go!

Katie Plu Pins-- Best idea ever. The end.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

first post

surely the fact i thought of this little project is not shocking.  it's no secret that i'm a blog enthusiest, a lover of tiny things, a proud baylor bear, and most of all, a recent grad who misses our beloved p.c. everyday. love for tiny things aside, i believe this describes must of our rockin tribe.  

this blog is like a sing act. it could be really cool or really lame, depending on what we make of it.  i don't know if anyone else will think this is neat, but i hope so.  the dude's passion for community spread to all of us, and in this time of our lives where we are all over the state, country, and world, this can be a fun way to stay connected- not only to each other, but to our roots.  and obviously by roots i mean the facing couches of the p.c. 

missing you all in bryan today.  i'm sitting in a starbucks (not working, just enjoying) and all the little a&m sororiety girls are coming and going.  {is there any non-awkward way to introduce yourself to other pi phis?} anyway, they are all rolling in with their sweatpants and pj shorts- probably voting today i guess.  those were good times, even when they weren't. 

anyway, thought it might be fun to post silly pictures {involving the bears, of course :)}, talk about what God is teaching us, and basically simulate in this small way that we are back sitting on those eternally messy & slightly grimy slipcovers, but loving it with our whole hearts. 

happy travels!