Saturday, November 14, 2009

a secret garden!

Osito was complaining that he doesn't get out enough, so I was nice enough to take him to a "secret garden" in Madrid!
He had to go by Metro to get there, so he sat on Blanca.
This secret garden is in a very nice area of Madrid, where all the "pijos" live (rich people, snobs essentially). The best part? El lago-- the lake had a gorgeous fountain and was surrounded by autumnal trees with yellow leaves.Even though Osito's head starts to hurt after speaking so much Spanish with these chicas, he is thankful that there is Christian community in Madrid, and spanish-speaking at that! It was a great day! Praise Him!

Osito would also like to take this time to encourage all the other little bears to get off their tiny butts and get out there! That's what this blog is for, after all!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

ACL, U2 and Wine Country!

Little Blue Bear has had an exciting few weeks. He went to Austin City Limits and the weather could not have been better! He heard great music, but his favorites were Thievery Corporation and Kings of Leon!
We were actually able to squeeze our way all the way from back here to the second row! I took some pictures up close, but they're pretty dark.
Blue almost got lost in the debris afterward, but he made it out safely! I was not looking forward to taking the GRE three days after I got back from ACL, but I actually did pretty well. Now I begin the application process...

Next, Blue got the amazing opportunity to see the U2 360 tour!!! My boss bought me and her daughter really cheap tickets the day before the concert, but we lucked out and an old friend from high school invited us up to his box!! We had our own personal bartender, Shirley, and a hot dinner buffet ! This definitely was the greatest concert experience of all time!!!
Lastly, my sister Sylvia flew in from Arizona this weekend and wanted to check out Texas wine country. We had beautiful weather all weekend in San Antonio, Boerne and Fredericksburg and got to try some great wines! I love spending time with family, they are all such a blessing to me!

That's all for now! I can't wait for Baylor Homecoming this weekend!!!

tiny bear visits the inlaws

one of the top 50 burgers in texas. found in kerville. boom baby. 

someone bought zebras. we looked at them.

tiny bear is officially saved. no promise ring with a cross necessary: 
we took a tour of the homeland. 

tiny bears favorite part of the weekend was looking at
pictures of tiny, middle school, and high school ross.
especially middle school ross. 

tiny bear says: in-laws are weird
but pretty places, wineries & and free food are fun. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

osito goes euro!

Osito (Tiny Bear's newly established name) made it safely to Madrid and delightfully announces that he has internet in his flat!
Unfortunately, he hasn't had much time to take pictures since he's been settling in to his new home across the big pond.
He did, however have time to take a picture in his new Euro bathroom:
Osito had never seen a bedet before, and now he has one all to himself!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Kadogo (Tiny's kiswahili name) has been enjoying some crazy adventures lately!

She's enjoyed trips to many different parts of the big city of nairobi, learned how to navigate public transportation, sat in hours and hours of traffic, met some the most amazing and inspiring people in the world, and breathed in way too much we-need-rain-here dust for her tiny little lungs!

Last night Kadogo felt even tinier when this happened:

An avocado this size of my head (almost!)

Kadogo helped us enjoy this little taste of tejas home... yummy!
and yes, all of that awesome guac was from ONE avocado :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy Blue

Tiny Blue Bear has had a very busy September! He made a lot of new friends, helped me celebrate my 23rd birthday and made his first trip to WACO!
Since I couldn't be with all my friends from Baylor, I stretched my birthday out to last a whole week! My family and I celebrated at Capital Grille in Houston (Blue had too much too drink that night and has requested that no pictures are posted). Then, Alise and Travis drove down for a night and we went to Chuy's with Leah and our new friends Bryan and Zach. Before they had to go back to Waco, we had enough time to gather round the piano for a sing-a-long!! Blue Bear is a tenor :)
Much like myself, Blue Bear LOVES chocolate. I had to pay him to get off my birthday cake. This year I turned two gold and three silver. Leah drove out to Clear Lake to deliver special birthday flowers! She's such a sweet friend. I had a great birthday. I was overwhelmed by the kindness and love of my friends near and far away.
Last weekend, Blue was finally old enough to visit Waco. Our first stop was Elite, of course (blue is taking the picture...). I forgot how awesome it is to visit a past employer...we got two rounds for free!!
On Saturday, Blue went to his first college football game!!! The only empty seats in the stadium were in the visitor section!! Bear was sad we lost...but so glad we won tonight's game!!
After the game, Blue Bear was overwhelmed with new friends. Here we are with the beautiful Lauren Beck at Marshall's birthday party...

And again, with Ben, Scott (congrats on the promotion), Ryan and the birthday boy, Marshall!
The boys wanted to make a tribute to Sarah Sat and Wade in Kenya, so they used these African figurines to depict a typical day in Kenya. Kenya guess which one is Wade? :)
All in all, September was packed with fun friends and great memories.

Next up with Blue..."Blue takes the GRE"

Monday, September 21, 2009

do you know the way to san jose?


a couple of weeks ago, r.franklin & i adventured to the west coast
to play in san jose, california!
my parents generously flew us out there & showed us their new home, 
freakishly cute city, and beautiful new state. 
{it's weird to think that they are under the leadership of the governator now}

it was our first time to travel since our honeymoon, and to stay with my parents
since the wedding. it wasn't even awkward sleeping on their pullout couch, thankfully.
{side note: they are building a murphy bed for the study for us to stay in- score!!}

anyway, we absolutely fell in love with northern california...and we're kind of hoping we can more there after med school. there and germany...
ross is applying to be in the air force :)

besides ross and i, tiny bear really fell in love with san jose. 
he came along on a lovely morning walk around my parents new
pleasantville-like neighborhood...

and then took off at a park, which had a ground that looked liked this:

we searched for a long time, and ross apologized profusely for allowing tiny bear to slip through his grasp... but the truth is, tiny bear is a free spirit.  like the rest of our friends, he took off on his own adventure. 
we are currently looking into adopting a new bear... perhaps a more brightly colored one... for the rest of our travels.