Monday, September 21, 2009

do you know the way to san jose?


a couple of weeks ago, r.franklin & i adventured to the west coast
to play in san jose, california!
my parents generously flew us out there & showed us their new home, 
freakishly cute city, and beautiful new state. 
{it's weird to think that they are under the leadership of the governator now}

it was our first time to travel since our honeymoon, and to stay with my parents
since the wedding. it wasn't even awkward sleeping on their pullout couch, thankfully.
{side note: they are building a murphy bed for the study for us to stay in- score!!}

anyway, we absolutely fell in love with northern california...and we're kind of hoping we can more there after med school. there and germany...
ross is applying to be in the air force :)

besides ross and i, tiny bear really fell in love with san jose. 
he came along on a lovely morning walk around my parents new
pleasantville-like neighborhood...

and then took off at a park, which had a ground that looked liked this:

we searched for a long time, and ross apologized profusely for allowing tiny bear to slip through his grasp... but the truth is, tiny bear is a free spirit.  like the rest of our friends, he took off on his own adventure. 
we are currently looking into adopting a new bear... perhaps a more brightly colored one... for the rest of our travels.

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